the animated photo booth from the future...


The gifffinator can be set up anywhere, no power needed and uploads are available wherever cell signal is available.

The best time to start the gifffinator is after the first dance.

$500 for two hours, $150/additional hour.

$400 for three hours with any wedding package.

Reserve the gifffinator for your event!

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Photo booths are all the same these days, I wanted to provide something that is unique, fun and feels like its from the future.  What makes the gifffinator so great is that all, and I mean ALL, ages of people love it.  You simply walk up to the booth, click on it and then, 3.. 2.. 1.. the fun begins!  It instantly makes an animated gif of your movement and plays it back for you.  You have the option to text the gif to yourself and go at it again.  This allows your guests to be able to take something home that won't be left in a pair of dress pants and can be shared directly to any social media service, which we all know will last forever.  

Bottom line, the gifffinator is awesome.

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